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Aug 17, 2010
Events, the 2011 Million Queen March™ Weekend and the Fondren Zippity Doo Dah™ Parade


Dear Y'all,

So lotta news in the Queendom! Gotta read it all—it’s all important stuff!

Last month, I was presented with THE PATRIOT AWARD by Major General William Freeman, Adjutant General of the Mississippi National Guard, in appreciation for my support of our Military.


It was supposed to be a surprise. The Cutest Boy in the World knew about it, of course, and his ONLY job was to get me to the ceremony. In order to do that though, he had to somehow persuade me to leave the back porch and put on nice clothes—no small task!  He finally had to tell me that I was “getting an award”—that’s all he would say—so I really WAS surprised to learn what it actually was. SUCH an honor! Please take every opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to every member of our Armed Forces that you encounter—AND TO THEIR FAMILIES. Those folks serve every bit as much as the Service People!

I will be out amongst y’all a whole lot in the coming weeks—come join me please:

(1)  I’ll be speaking on September 16, at a fundraiser for the Child Advocacy Center of Tom Green County in San Angelo, Texas. Click HERE to see the invitation details. WAIT TIL YOU SEE THE CROWN I’VE HAD MADE FOR THEM! Will be sure to post a photo!

(2)  The same weekend (9/16-9/19), I’ll still be in San Angelo for the UNVEILING OF THE QUEEN JILL! The gorgeous hot pank WATER LILY that has been developed in my honor and named for me!  Unfreakingbelievable! It’s at the 2010 International Water Lily and Water Gardening Festival and Symposium AKA Lily Fest and the world will get to see the QUEEN JILL for the first time. Folks will be there, literally, from around the world! Once the Queen Jill is made available for purchase, a portion of each sale will go to Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children right here in Jackson, Ms. You’ve gotta check out this YouTube video of Queen Jill.

(3)  A few days later, on September 24, I’ll be in Houston, Texas, speaking at M.D. Anderson during their Survivorship Conference. I’m so happy for the chance to do something for M.D. Anderson—I have known SO MANY people in my life who’ve been treated at their fabulous facility.

(4)  On October 2, I’m speaking in Joplin, MO, at a fundraiser for Freeman Health System Children's Miracle Network Hospital. I do looove to hep the chirren—everywhere and anywhere! If you are lucky enough to have a CMN hospital in your area, please let them know that I will speak for them—for free—all they have to do is contact us. Anythang for the Chirren!

(5)  The next week, I'll be back in Texas—in Lubbock—for We Think Pink In Lubbock, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Fundraising Event, at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. Tickets go on sale 1 September. Click HERE for their Facebook page.

NEWSFLASH:  Sweet Potato Queens® Wine is Coming!!!

Details soon—but check out all the HILARIOUS responses on my Facebook pages! CLEARLY, this is a product whose Time Has Come!  And somehow, I am not surprised….


Well, lemme just say it now—THANKS!—and let me remind you of some of the things y’all have done: You contributed $100,000+ to Wells United Methodist Church for Katrina Relief. A year later—2 weeks before Christmas!—you contributed another $15,000 to Wells to buy toys for needy children on the Mississippi Gulf Coast whose lives were devastated by Katrina. As a result of your efforts, literally, EVERY needy child on the Coast got (great) Christmas presents that year! And it's ALL because of you. This past year, you voted online constantly for Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children to win one of three Xbox® 360 Game Rooms—and that room was just recently installed and is now bringing so much joyful “normalcy” to so many sick, sick children. THANK YOU a million times. Click HERE to watch the video where the Queens get a Call Out for our efforts!!!!

NOW, HERE’S SOMETHING ELSE I NEED YOUR HELP ON! And this only requires ONE (1) tiny, totally free action on your part! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is go on Facebook to BARKSDALE CADILLAC—and “LIKE” it—one time. That’s ALL! And for that simple, totally free act on your part—Barksdale Cadillac will contribute $1 (for EACH “LIKE!”) to our very own and much beloved Queen TammyPippa’s Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi!Please go “like” Barksdale Cadillac NOW and get all of your friends to do it, too. This money literally means LIFE to sooo many of God’s Creatures. Let’s just see HOW MUCH MONEY we can generate for Pippa’s Pups!

 OK—now about…



First of all—the DATES—it will begin Wednesday, March 23 and conclude Sunday, March 27, 2011…and yes, it is time to book your HILTON rooms.

Remember—the ONLY WAY to do that is to call 601-957-2800 and ask for BILLIE BURNS. Speak ONLY to HIM. If he’s out, leave a message and he’ll call you back. He takes very good care of His Queens!

This will be the Very First Time for our Brand New Parade Venue!

We are SO excited about it all!

Here’s what I can tell you about it SO FAR:

  • Thursday, 24 March 2011: Afternoon—our buses will take you to a whole new version of THIRSTY THURSDAY! There will be a special event in the very cool FONDREN section of Jackson. Tons of cute, unique, locally-owned shops and restaurants—all having parties and sales especially for YOU! There will be music everywhere and food and libations and the FABULOUS SOFO QUEENS will be there to greet you and fuss over you.
  • Friday, 25 March 2011: Noon—we will go to the BIG HAT LUNCHEON as usual—but it will be at SAL & MOOKIE’S—also in FONDREN—but FEAR NOT! IT IS OWNED BY JEFF GOOD AND DAN BLUMENTHAL—THE SAME HUNKY GUYS WHO OWN BRAVO!  So, you can expect wonderful food and service in a different location. The FONDREN TROLLEY will run you around the neighborhood for shopping all afternoon, too.
Afternoon—Everyday Gourmet for our annual  Fat Mama's Knock You Naked Margarita Party .

Night—the SPQ BALL will be at the HILTON again, on Friday night. Details about that later.
  • Saturday, 26 March 2011: Morning—Huge Fun! We’ll head back to FONDREN for the RUNNING OF THE BULLS! Our very own ROLLER VIXEN QUEENS will be the “bulls!” They will chase anybody brave enough to flee before their flashing wheels—and anybody they catch, will be flogged with a Nerf bat!
We will proceed to the CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL AND MUSIC AREA—a lovely green space behind Sal & Mookie’s. There will be a rousing GOSPEL TENT with some of Mississippi’s finest singers and choirs performing. (I will be in there all day long!) All manner of games for kids and families—can you say FINGER FOOTBALL?!—raising money for the CHIRREN. (There is a particular game that WE will be playing. Watch THIS video or go to YOUTUBE and put in “toilet paper/plunger game” and start practicing!)

Food and beverage vendors will be everywhere. The FONDREN MARKET—fabulous handmade wares from Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild Members—will be happening. All the SHOPS and RESTAURANTS—EVERYTHING within EASY walking around distance—will have specials to entice us.

We will play like chirren until late afternoon—then we will run back up to the Hilton to change into our QUEENLY ATTIRE—and the buses will bring us right on back for the…

First ever Fondren Zippity Doo Dah™ night-time parade!

It will be SOOO bee-yoo-ti-full! We will have lights on our float—and marchers are all encouraged to carry lights—and to incorporate lights into your very OUTFITS! The possibilities are clearly unlimited here! LED lights shining on SEQUINS?! We may just ascend directly unto Heaven!

The Parade route will be SHORT. The SPQ™ float will be the only BIG float—and remember—YOU COULD BE RIDING ON IT! The Chapter that raises the most money for Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children will be ON OUR FLOAT WITH US! (If you missed the earlier e-mails about how this contest works, contact me or look at “Appearances, Parade Recap, Forecast" under News on the website.) There will be MARCHING BANDS, THOUSANDS OF QUEENS marching, of course, and up to 25 HIGHLY DECORATED golf carts or “mini-floats.” If you want to have a “mini-float” in the Parade, contact me and I’ll tell you the process.

There will be a party at the end of the Parade and after THAT—we will climb back on our buses and return to the Hilton for PEARLS & PJ’S! Details to come.

  • Sunday, 27 March 2011: Bathrobe Brunch at the Hilton, as usual—Lelon is already working on a new song for us—bring your tissues!

Everything’s New; so, we’ll ALL be PARADE VIRGINS!

Feel free to wear white and pretend to be pure!

There will be more NEWS coming—so stay tuned. These newsletters can always be found under NEWS on the website—you know I answer all my e-mails and you can also contact me on FACEBOOK—two Fan pages under Jill Conner Browne as well as The O-fficial Page of the World Famous Sweet Potato Queens.

Please join me in loving support of our Zippity Doo Dah™ sponsors: Patty Peck Honda, Pepsi/Brown Bottling Group, Michelob Ultra/Southern Beverage, Q-105FM/Clear Channel Radio, Comcast, Firefly® Sweet Tea Vodka and BancorpSouth.

We are also profoundly grateful for the support of the Fondren Association of Businesses, the SOFO Girls, Fondren Renaissance Foundation, the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Jackson Chamber of Commerce. All of these folks are not only ENTHUSIASTICALLY making the 2011 Inaugural Fondren Fest POSSIBLE—they are making it all SO FINE, SO FABULOUS, SO FUN, and just SO, SO FONDREN!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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