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Jun 8, 2010
My Surgery, Blog Winner, Float Contest & Dear Ole Dad


Dear Y'all,

Right off the bat here, lemme ask you to put ME in your prayer box! I had a “bad” mammo, followed by a needle biopsy, and now I’m scheduled for a surgical biopsy TOMORROW. I’m to report at 6 AM—so first of all, pray that they actually operate on me before noon! As most of you know (from my discussions—not display), my bosoms have never been anything to write home about—but such as they are, I’d like to keep ‘em—and we won’t even talk about my HAIR! Although I am aware of the fabulous Chemo Hair that is the reward for all who must endure chemotherapy, I’d prefer to keep my pitiful four hairs and skip the poison if at all possible. Will keep you posted on all developments.

THE WINNER OF THE FIRST SPQ™ BLOG POST DRAWING IS  “PAULA WAULA.” (We won’t publish your real name unless it’s your user name on the blog.) If you haven’t read these posts—go now and do it—you will laugh yourselves silly. Just go to www.sweetpotatoqueens.com and at the top of the page, you will see “SPQ™ BLOG,” click on that and it will take you straight there. .

In short, the way this works is:  I post a “contest topic” and you post your response. Then, we give each post a number (excluding my own, of course) and then the E-vil Henchman picks a random number—the winning number wins a prize. So—if you have multiple answers, my advice is to post them SEPARATELY—which is the same as buying multiple raffle tickets—the more times you’re in there, the more chances you have to win!


The new contest starts Wednesday, 9 June—to give y’all something to do while I’m “going under the knife” and not in a fun, plastic surgery-kinda way. The prize will be a HAND-PAINTED SPQ™ ORNAMENT! 

This particular contest was inspired by a post on the current contest, “YOU MIGHT BE A QUEEN IF…”

Queen “Bodacious Barbara” posted this response and I nearly spewed coffee out my nose: “YOU MIGHT BE A QUEEN IF…you can use BODACIOUS and GOOBER in the same sentence without thinking it at all strange. Example: ‘I hear tell you bald a bodacious mess of goober peas. I’m fixing to come see y’all lickety split!’”

So, let’s see what y’all can do with that—MAKE A SENTENCE USING “BODACIOUS” and “GOOBER.” 

Contest ends on Friday, 18 June 2010, at 5:00 PM CDT—winner to be determined by the E-vil Henchman, as usual.




Right now, the Chapter in the lead is the QUEEN’S CLASSYMATES from right here in Jackson, MS.  These are my high school buds who are Bossed around by Lynn Lee. 



  1. If you don't already have a "Chapter," go HERE to sign-up as a “Queen Chapter Group,” even if it’s only just you.
  2. Queen Chapter Groups send "gifts" from “donors” to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. Be sure to include the Chapter name of the “Queen” that raised the money. The system allows the hospital to enter the gift under the real name of the “primary donor” (so the donor gets the tax deduction) but also “soft credit” (one of those accounting terms) the Queen Chapter Group. This soft crediting process allows the hospital to track the Chapters to see exactly how much each group has raised. The key to ensuring you/your group receives proper credit is that each check must have documentation with it indicating what Queen Chapter Group is responsible. Ideally, the hospital would like a contact name/information from the Chapter as well. The good part about this is that the Chapters don’t necessarily have to send the money yourselves...you just need to ask the “donor” to put your Chapter name either in the reference line or on a post-it of sorts.
  3. All gifts should be mailed to: Batson Hospital for Children, c/o Lynn Griffin, Public Affairs, 2500 North State St., Jackson, MS 39216 or your donors can go online and make gifts with their credit cards. (Lynn’s phone number: 601-984-1100, if you need to call.) The key is to list the Queen Chapter Group’s name in the “in honor of” line on the form. That web address is: http://childrenshospital.umc.edu and then click on the “GIVE NOW” button.
  4. Whichever Queen Chapter Group raises the most money by our cut-off date—sometime in February 2011 (exact date/time TBD)—will get the privilege of riding on the O-fficial Sweet Potato Queens® Float in the 1st Annual Zippity Doo Dah™ Parade on Saturday, 26 March 2011. Time/location TBD.*

*Space on the Float is limited so if your Chapter has more than 12 then you chose 12 from your group to ride with ME, the others will march with my Queens behind the float.

All of you lucky enough to still have your Daddy—give him an extra big squeeze from me this year—mine’s been gone since 1982 and I miss him more every year. In honor of all the wonderful Daddy’s out there, we’re offering a FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL:  The Dummy Line at 50% off! Get copies for all the great Dad’s in your life.

Please check out my most recent article in AY Magazine by clicking HERE. (In the print version, there’s a funny photo of me and my travel hair on the flight deck of the USS George H.W. Bush Aircraft Carrier, CVN 77, at sea.) And, you can read all of my AY articles HERE.

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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