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Mar 26, 2010
Post Parade. Video & Photos!!!


Dear Y'all,

Whoo-Lard! Cannot believe it has come and gone already and we have apparently survived it! I weep for all who missed it but it’ll be here again before we know it!

First of all, please e-mail me with your comments. We really do work hard to put out every fire—and make it better every year in every way we can. That being said, it is kinda like whack-a-mole—we get one thing fixed, and something else pops up. So tell us what was GREAT—we looove hearing that, of course, so please tell us—but also tell us where we need to improve—we really NEED to hear that.

A couple of things we already knew and addressed on the spot: For instance, not enough food on Friday night! Very sorry about that—but you notice it did not happen again on Saturday night! We knew how many of our OWN folks were gonna be there for Friday night, but there was no way to predict how many at-the-door tickets would be sold (that is the only night for which at-the-door admission is permitted)—and that crowd was a lit-tle bit larger than we’d anticipated! We may actually do away with that option for next year, just to be totally solid on the numbers to prepare for—keep you posted on that.

The timing of the food service on Saturday night was an issue because of the Parade line-up—we had no way of knowing what time we would all be finished. Won’t have that problem next year.

THE BUSES—dang it all! We added 2 buses this year to make SURE nobody had to wait on a bus after the Parade—so what happened? A WRECK AND A TRAIN—one or the other woulda been bad enough—but BOTH? We know it sucked and we’re sorry—but it couldn’t be helped. However, as far as I know, for next year’s route—no train tracks are in the path—so barring any wrecks, it should be smooth sailing and only about a 5-minute ride, max!

For Virgins—the crowd control on the Parade route—or rather the LACK thereof—was a problem we had not encountered in recent years. We were as shocked and appalled as you were and that will not happen again. Please accept our apologies—come back next year and all will be well.

I am off to speak at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Fest this weekend so this will be brief. I will write more next week about the highlights of this year—and with the $$ total we raised for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital.

NEXT YEAR’S SPQ™ MILLION QUEEN MARCH™ WILL BE HELD ON 26 March 2011, as a part of The City of Ridgeland’s brand-new ZIPPITY-DOO-DAH™ PARADE so you need to plan on being here from 23-27 March 2011. The Hilton will begin taking reservations in about a week—I’ll let you know when they open the gate, so to speak. Do NOT call them or try to reserve rooms on-line until I say so.

Thanks again to our sponsors:

Firefly® Sweet Tea Vodka, Comcast, Pepsi, Michelob ULTRA/Southern Beverage, Q-105.1/Clear Channel Radio, The Hilton-Jackson, The Everyday Gourmet and Bravo! Italian Restaurant.

For all of you who have asked WHO DID THE GORGEOUS FLOWER ARRANGEMENT FOR THE QUEEN MOTHERS’ MEMORIAL CAR: DRAKE’S DESIGNS, right here in Jackson came up with those and mercy, weren’t they gorgeous?  We could smell the lilies all the way down the street! I know all our Mama’s were tickled about ‘em—and the gorgeous Packard they were adorning! I bet they’d all done some smooching in a car just like that, once upon a time! It was a sweet, sweet tribute that meant the world to all of us who lost our Mamas. If you’re in our area and need really special floral work done—CLEARLY, you now know whom to call—DRAKE’S DESIGNS on Old Canton Road. Big Kiss, Ann Turner!

To see videos of behind the scenes of the 2010 Million Queen March™ click here. There's a story and on the top right, click on the small screen to watch the news broadcast about us. There are several videos inside the story so check ‘em all out. The Fox folks totally get what the Sweet Potato Queens® are REALLY all about!

Duane Jones, our O-fficial Photographer, has posted this year's photos on his website--CLICK HERE. You'll see the list under "Recent Photos." Be sure to order LOTS as Duane donates 20% of all his SPQ™ photo sales to Batson! We LOVE us some Duane and from what I saw, some of y'all did too!!!!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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