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Jan 14, 2010
Mal's St. Paddy's Parade, Million Queen Marchâ„¢ Weekend Changes


Dear Y'all,


[Original newsletter content omitted.]

We are just working away on all our plans for the big MILLION QUEEN MARCH™ Weekend, 18-21 March 2010! Everything is not finalized yet (PASSES ARE NOT AVAILABLE YET—CHILL OUT!) but here’s some updated stuff for you in the meantime:

OUR SPONSORS—boundless blessings be upon them forever—Firefly® Sweet Tea Vodka, Southern Beverage/Michelob Ultra, Comcast, and Clear Channel Radio are back and new to the line-up of People We Love the Most in All The World: Pepsi/Brown Bottling Group!

None of this Weekend would be happening if not for the help we get from these folks—REMEMBER THEM and show your appreciation by SUPPORTING THEM EVERY CHANCE YOU GET.

(Remembering always, of course, to drink responsibly—maybe just lie around and listen to Clear Channel and/or watch something on Comcast if you are consuming a few Mich Ultras or Firefly Sweet Tea drinks (mixed with a delightful Pepsi product)—but if you’re going to be driving—then DRINK YOUR PEPSI STRAIGHT—unless you have a designated Pepsi-drinking driver! But THIS weekend, nobody needs to drive—we got BUSES all lined up for you!)

FIRST Big Announcement I have:


will be held for the first time ever in the Ballroom of the Hilton!

This is GREAT for several reasons:

  • We don’t have to go anywhere on a bus.
  • There will be plenty of room for us all to be together in one big-ass room.
  • We don’t have to go anywhere on a bus.
  • When we get tired, we don’t have to walk to the aforementioned bus and ride it back to the Hilton in order to lie down. We just go straight to our lovely rooms and recline.
  • No bathroom lines and if the bathroom isn’t clean—the always happy housekeeping staff will attend to it pronto.
  • Bars all over the place with bartenders who are gorgeous and who love us more than air and waiters who Live to Serve—with Big Smiles.
  • I said no bus ride, right?
  • Folks who check in late won’t have to miss the Ball—it will be RIGHT THERE, still happening, so you can get your Groove going right away.
  • Free nabs.  (Can’t wait to see how many questions I get on that one!)
  • The Ball will last longer on account of it will be RIGHT THERE.


Instead of being first in the line-up of the

28th Annual Mal’s St. Paddy’s Parade,

we will be LAST!

As in saving the best for—like Santy Claus in a Christmas Parade. The last non-Queen related float will be followed by all of y’all, proud, prancing members of the MILLION QUEEN MARCH™, and WE will follow Y’ALL, on our float.

This is GREAT for several reasons:

  • We can party much later on Friday night at the SPQ™ BALL AT THE HILTON!
  • WE CAN SLEEP LATER ON SATURDAY MORNING! Whoo-hoo! The Parade won’t start until 12 or 1 (we don’t know yet)—but there is absolutely no point in our getting down there really early—since our spot in the line-up won’t move an inch before 2:00 pm at least—so we can just daince and daince the night before, get a good sleep in and lazily dress for the Parade, then amble down there, midday!


FRIDAY, 19 March 2010: On Friday night, at the SPQ™ BALL, at the fabulous Hilton-Jackson, we will be hugely entertained by the totally Queenly BOUFFANTS from Memphis—and also, the ever-amazing KACEY JONES, our own personal SPQ™ Songstress.  (If you have not heard her song about The Redheaded Man Who Would Not Move—remember him, from The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love?—you will absolutely fall over when you do!)

SATURDAY, 20 March 2010: On Saturday night, at PEARLS & PJ’s™, also at the fabulous Hilton-Jackson (home of the most incredible hospitality staff in the Universe)—we will be really rocked and rolled just right by THESE DAYS, featuring the inimitable JEWEL BASS. Kacey Jones will also perform between their sets; so, y’all don’t have to stop singing and dancing, ever!

SATURDAY, 20 March 2010: During Pearls & PJ’s™ we’ll also have karaoke going in a separate room! Be sure that you don’t miss Andrew Wallace’s performances.

SOMETIME: Haven’t decided exactly when they’ll be playing yet, but Queen TammyMelanie told me about this great bluegrass/zydeco band called THE DELTA MOUNTAIN BOYS (think about it, pretty funny name)—so I called ‘em up and they’re coming.  I asked ‘em if any of ‘em were single. Turns out 2 of ‘em are. I said, good, you married ones—I’ll pay y’all and be sure you bring your wives, we’ll make ‘em Queens in about 5 minutes. The SINGLE ONES—they have to PAY ME for this gig!


We will be keeping the price of the WEEKEND PASS the SAME that it’s been for the last 3 years (THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS); however, we’ve got to be able to have better attendance numbers in advance of the Weekend. SO, once the Passes become available on our site—WHICH THEY ARE NOT NOW so don’t even look—they will be $69 IN ADVANCE—and $80 AT THE DOOR.  A similar “late” fee will be attached to the Bathrobe Brunch tickets.


OTHER PLANS for the Weekend continue to unfold so keep checking the PARADE page for updates. Also, if you’re just getting around to making your plans—READ ALL THE OLDER INFO ON THE PARADE PAGE—BEFORE you e-mail me with a question! 

We will be going to RENAISSANCE at COLONY PARK again on Thirsty Thursday—and they will have bigger buses for that this year—and as their plans for us develop, I’ll share them with you. This is a gorgeous shopping center and they had a FABULOUS PARTY for us last year—so you won’t want to miss it—they pull out all the stops and we loooove them for it.

The Friday, 19 March 2010, BIG HAT LUNCHEON™ will be at BRAVO! once more and Jeff Good is trying to work it out so that he can make his now-famous “thong run” through the restaurant. We are crossing our fingers for that. ATTENTION: Mississippi’s ABC, he wears the thong OVER his pants.

OF COURSE, we’ll be going to the EVERYDAY GOURMET on Friday afternoon for SPQ™ Security Chief Marlana’s FAT MAMA’S KNOCK YOU NAKED MARGARITA PARTY.

Be sure you allow time in your travel plans to stay for the BATHROBE BRUNCH™ on Sunday morning, 21 March 2010, at the Hilton—it is the sweetest time of the whole Weekend.

Check the PARADE PAGE by clicking here often, as we’ll up-date our Weekend Festivities Schedule. As soon as Weekend Passes and Brunch Tickets are available, we’ll send out a newsletter about it.

See y’all soon!!!!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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