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Dec 8, 2009
Love, JCB Video with Batson Chirren


Happy holidays, y'all!

No matter what your Faith, this is a Holy time of year—and with all the scary stuff going on in the world, in this country, heck—down the street!—let’s all try to put a little extra love in our hearts and do whatever we can to make life just a bit better for somebody, somewhere. You never know how big a difference just the smallest act of kindness can make in a person’s life.  For all my fellow Christians—let us keep in mind that LOVE is our Greatest Commandment—it’s the key ingredient in a “merry” Christmas and the more of it you give, the more of it you have. That’s the “magic” of Christmas.

On that note, please remember not only to pray for our Troops—but if you and some friends want to DO something for them (AND for the sick kids at our children’s hospital, Blair E. Batson, at the very same time)—we have our Spud Studs at ZELOSPORT® standing by to make it sooo easy. For just $60, y’all can send 4 FANTASTICALLY FUN FINGER FOOTBALL® GAMES to a Troop installation somewhere in the world—and, at the very same time, with no added effort or $$ on your part, make a $20 donation to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital! This is such an easy, inexpensive way to do TWO great things for TWO of the causes dearest to our hearts: our Troops and our Sick Chirren—it is a no-brainer—MY favorite thing. (A note with your names on it will go with the games telling the Troops thanks for their invaluable Service. Nobody is profiting from this program but the recipients—the Troops and the Chirren, just so you know—I’m merely the Lucky Messenger.) CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND HEP THE CHIRREN

CLICK HERE to watch some precious

Batson Chirren playing Finger Football®

If you want to give your own personal friends and family the FINGER for the holidays—and I strongly encourage you to—it is SOOO MUCH FUN. You can see a video of it being played—so you can tell—really and truly, ANYBODY can play this. The Cutest Boy in the World and I were at the Jingle Bell Marketplace in Pearl, Mississippi, this past Saturday and we must have played Finger Football with every kid in Pearl. And their Dads. And their Moms. And their Grandparents. Lemme remind you—YOUR KIDS ARE GOING TO BE OUT OF SCHOOL FOR A LOOOONG TIME—this game will keep them entertained (Read “out of your hair”) with a zero injury/furniture damage rate; so, GIVE 'EM THE FINGER!

There are just a few QUEEN IN A BAG kits left—and the days are slipping by quickly—so if you want to order that, or anything else Queenly, in time for Christmas—you gotta place your orders NO LATER THAN NOON, CENTRAL, ON THURSDAY, 17 DECEMBER. After that time on that date, Shipping Tammy will disappear, as she does every year at this time and she will not resurface until sometime after the New Year. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR "QUEEN IN A BAG."

We know that the Happiest Times are also the very Hardest Times for those of us who have Issues—loss, loneliness, sickness and fear—be mindful, prayerful and care-ful of each other, for each other. Have a safe and happy Holiday and may God truly bless us—every one.

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com

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