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Oct 20, 2009
Mama, ARF, Batson, Bras & Jr. League of Odessa


Dear Y'all,

OK, that subject line is misleading at best! Mama, ARF, and Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital have absolutely no need for your bras—but the American Cancer Society and a whole bunch of women DO need ‘em and I’m doing my best to help get another billion bras for the 2nd Annual Bras Across The Mississippi Spectular! But I’m ahead of myself—big surprise.

So, one thing at a time here:  First of all, On behalf of my sweet Mama and my whole (mostly) sweet family, let me thank you all for your wonderful, heartfelt and uplifting notes of condolence.  I am reading each and every one—but it’s gonna take me a WHILE!

Thank you especially to all who have given to the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi in honor of Mama—she would be so pleased. She was always taking in “strays” of all species and “HOME” was everything to her. At ARF, these poor cast-off creatures receive not only safe shelter for as long as they may need it, they also receive HUGE amounts of daily LOVE—and that makes it “HOME” and therefore, sacred.

Rankin County, Mississippi has never before had a “no-kill” animal shelter and thanks to our very own Queen TammyPippa and her Spud Stud Charles Jackson—ARF is now a reality and your gifts are helping with this wonderful work. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Many of you have written that you loved Mama’s obit—it has apparently gone “viral,” which would tickle her no end although she’d have no idea what that meant. Please feel free to pass it around—I’d like everybody to have a little time with Mama. I wish you all could have been at Mama’s memorial service—it was a true celebration. CLICK HERE to read it on line.

BIG LOVE AND THANKS to all who voted (repeatedly) for our precious chirren at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital to win the ultimate gameroom makeover from Xbox 360! I am thrilled to tell you that WE WON! Out of all the hospitals in the CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK, we had enough Batson votes to finish in the TOP 3—and so OUR CHIRREN will be getting the coveted Xbox 360 gameroom and we are over-the-moon excited and grateful. Many of you from other states kindly threw your votes our way when it became apparent that your own hospital was not in the running. Stars in Your Crowns for that!

Here's how you can help your home state's Children's Miracle Network Hospital

For Free

Contact them and tell them that I will come speak at a fundraising event for them—FOR FREE. If they pay my travel and accommodations, I will waive my usual speaker’s fee, AND I will donate one of my BIG, GIANT, CUSTOM MADE (by Larry Vrba) CROWNS to help with the fundraising efforts. AND Barefoot Wine & Bubbly will donate wine or champagne, assuming it's legal in your state! It's a FABULOUS & FREE opportunity to HEP YOUR CHIRREN! Just have he Public Relations Director at your Children’s Hospital contact Kyle and they'll sort out the details.

Here's how you can help ALL the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Also for FREE!

Just CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR DONNY OSMOND to stay on Dancing With The Stars. There are folks donating Big Bucks to the CMN for every week that he stays on the show—so VOTE FOR DONNY and HEP THE CHIRREN—EVERYWHERE!

Now, for the BRAS! Remember last year when our Queenly DJ Jan Michaels of Q105 FM here in Jackson wanted your bras to string across the Mississippi River in Vicksburg? Well, she and Riverwalk Casino have teamed up once more—and for every bra we give them, Riverwalk Casino will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society. We’re hoping for more than 10,000 bras this year—so go commando and send us your bras! (We love RiverWalk for this so if you’re gonna go to V’burg-go see THEM!)

Those bras in good shape will go to Women’s Shelters. We don’t like to think about it, but many times when women finally DO leave their abusers—it’s in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on their back. We do NOT want them going BACK because they forgot to grab a bra!  Your bras will go to very good use and they will also help us raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer—which we MUST AND WILL WIN.

We’ll be stringing the bras up over the river on NOVEMBER 5, so the deadline for receiving bras is next Friday, OCTOBER 30—get ‘em in the mail to:

Jan Michaels, Q-105 FM—Clear Channel Radio, 1375 Beasley Rd., Jackson, MS 39206

If you need more info, call 601-982-1062. Check out last year’s event by CLICKING HERE.

GET OUT YOUR KLEENEX NOW—you’ll need it by the end of this, I promise.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are countless events, memorials, walks and runs all across the country and that’s a beautiful thing. There is not one person on this Earth who has NOT been affected by this wretched disease and whenever we participate in these events, it’s always with Someone Special in mind. You might be a Survivor yourself, you might have Walked that Walk with a family member or beloved friend—they might still be walking with you—praise God—or you may now be walking in their honor and memory.

I WANT YOU TO ADD THIS NAME TO YOUR LIST—whenever you participate in any of these events from now on—please put the name VALERIE J. at the very top.

As Mama was dying, we received regular visits from her precious Hospice Nurse. One day, Marie came in looking very haggard and weepy. I asked her what was up. She said she had been at the Hospice facility since 3:30 that morning—with a 19-year-old girl—dying of breast cancer.

That little girl had been diagnosed with breast cancer at 15 (fifteen)! And being, for unknown reasons, estranged from her family, she had gone through this entire process—from diagnosis to chemo and radiation and surgery—and finally, death, at 19—ALONE. She had no friends. She had no family. She didn’t even have a wig. She had the magnificent nurses and staff of Hospice Ministries but other than that—she did ALL OF IT—ALONE!

Think of the horrific cancer experiences you’ve had or witnessed—as an adult, with adults—now imagine that you were a 15-year-old girl and ALONE. Imagine, God forbid, it was your own daughter.

PLEASE put VALERIE J. on every t-shirt, poster, and Balloon Release you participate in for the rest of your life—and make a space for her in your heart, too. And when somebody asks for a donation to fight breast cancer—GIVE—whatever you can—even if it’s just your old bra—and REMEMBER VALERIE when you do. Thanks.

If you live in the vicinity of Odessa, Texas, when you quit crying over Valerie, mark your calendars for Friday, 6 November—because I’m coming over to play with y’all at the Junior League of Odessa's Annual Merry Marketplace and I will be expecting to see you there!

Here’s where to get ticket info: Junior League of Odessa, Texas, Lindsey Burroughs, Special Events Coordinator – Merry Marketplace 2009, lindsann2003@hotmail.com For Tickets Call: 432-332-0095.

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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