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Aug 12, 2009
Mamma, 2010 Parade, ACS, & PINK HEART FUND™


Dear Y'all,

Thanks for your prayers for us and for Mama—we have moved her home—to our house—to our VERY BEDROOM, actually—and she is somehow “hanging on.” We have recently become convinced that there is very likely nothing wrong with her at all—that it has been a clever ruse, start to finish, designed to get her EXACTLY where she is, waited on hand and foot and LITERALLY carried around on a little pillow 24-7. We thought she was sick—we never thought she was dumb.  

In response to the many daily requests for 2010 PARADE INFO that I receive, there is a whole passel of BASIC info now posted on the PARADE page of the website. For newbies (“Parade Virgins,” we call you), this will answer most of your questions about the Million Queen March™ Weekend. We will share specific details with y’all as we have them but your basic facts are there—so READ ‘EM—BEFORE you e-Mail me with a question. You should know by now how I feel about re-answering stuff!

A couple of Queenly Opportunities coming up:

(1) NEXT Wednesday, 19 August, at 7:00 a.m., why don’t you run by the Hilton-Jackson and have FREE BREAKFAST with the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and ME and find out how YOU can put together YOUR OWN TEAM for the MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER WALK in October! The Walk will be on Halloween morning—and so you know what THAT says to ME: oh, yeah—OUTFITS! Breakfast is free—but you do need to RSVP to the American Cancer Society ASAP by calling 601-321-5500. I’ll be speaking; so, we’ll have some fun and then get your Queens together and let’s have a HUGE ROYAL TURNOUT ON HALLOWEEN.

You know what you’re saying if you don't come? You’re saying, “I DON'T CARE ABOUT CANCER AND/OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE IT.”  So if you’re not there, send $$ anyway—otherwise, we’re gonna tell everybody that YOU DON’T CARE and that is just the least we’ll be saying behind your back! You know how we are. I’d be getting myself to breakfast if I's you!

(2) I will be a Celebrity Waiter at a benefit for the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY on the evening of Tuesday, August 25, at the wonderful Fairview Inn in beautiful Belhaven, right here in Jackson. I have never before in my life waited tables—having always considered it One of the MOST Difficult Jobs Ever and way beyond my crude skills; so, it should be Highly Entertaining—for all the tables that I am NOT waiting on. Call the ACS at 601-321-5516 or e-Mail Kelly Lindsay, or by CLICKING HERE for ticket info.

(3) On August 27, I will be speaking at a fundraiser for Mississippi’s own Pink Heart Fund™ on the Gulf Coast. This one is near and dear to my heart—as is its founder, JoAn Nicely. After Katrina, JoAn, a beautician on the Coast, noticed so many Coast residents whom she knew to be cancer victims were NOT wearing their chemo-wigs. Duh. Of course. They lost them in the storm—and of course, insurance would not pay to replace them. Enter JoAn. She started helping these folks by just putting a plate of home-baked cookies on the counter in her shop and would take the money that people paid for the cookies to buy wigs for folks who needed ‘em.  

From there, she founded the Pink Heart Fund™ and she collects hair from donors capable of growing it (I, of course, only have 4 of my own and am thus unable to donate)—and she has wigs specially made for CHILDREN with cancer. Now, you KNOW how we feel about the CHIRREN! If they would take my 4 hairs, I’d give ‘em to ‘em. But the best I can do is help raise money…and induce hairy friends to donate. One of my dear Wingfield High School Classymates, Debbie Clemons, who had and STILL SOMEHOW HAS the most GORGEOUS RED HAIR on the planet, was growing hers for a national program and I convinced her it would be much better to grow it for One of Our Own Chirren on the Coast. She recently sent a big giant box of red hair to the Pink Heart Fund™ and Debbie will join me at THE BEAU RIVAGE on AUGUST 27 for this fundraiser for the PINK HEART FUND™.

Last year, you may recall, at the auction following the event, I literally sold the sequined jacket off my very back—causing me to be IN PUBLIC with my bare arms showing and my too ample rear NOT properly concealed beneath an overlong coat tail. JoAn asked if I would again sell the coat off my back and I said, well, OK. But I’m not.



especially made for the event—all pank and covered in hearts—

but JoAn doesn’t know it yet, so do NOT tell her—she’ll be soooo surprised!

Here’s where to call or write for ticket info—but don’t let on about the crown, or  you can just CLICK HERE!

JoAn Niceley
Pink Heart Funds™
P.O. Box 1047
Long Beach, MS 39560

Continue Being Particular—

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