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Nov 11, 2008
So Lotta Ta-Tas!! Bras on EBay. Santa Sale. Bobby Cole Signing

Dear Y'all,

Your Queenly Spirit is a constant source of delight and amazement to me and others. Below is a letter from Queen Jan Michaels at Clear Channel Radio here in Jackson—and I’m sharing it with y’all because it's really TO and ABOUT Y’ALL:

"I just wanted to write a little email and tell you how much I appreciate everything you did to make this 'Bras for Breast Cancer' event so wonderful. As you know, I am relatively new to the concept of exactly what this Queendom is all about. I have gazed from afar during the St Paddy's Day Parade, but it wasn't until this past year that I started reading the books and getting to know a little bit more about what makes grown men and women dress in outrageous sequined, tasseled, feathered, tinseled and sparkly leotards and parade around the streets of downtown Jackson. It's not about attention... ok, maybe it IS about that, but there's so much more.

I have learned this is a community of the greatest people alive. Throwing caution to the wind and living life to the fullest... but at the same time, gaining strength from all the ups and downs that life has handed.  It has been a true joy and honor to get to know you and to have the support of all the chapters of Queens all over the world.

I want you to know that I have opened every one of the 100's of packages that have come to Q105. I have had my hands on each and every bra and note that was sent. I have laughed and I have cried. In some way, I feel like I have shared in some really great stories and lives.

I know it sounds strange, but this event ended up being bigger than a 'stunt' for awareness. And it became perfectly clear when I read the cards and letters and some of the messages that were written on the bras. This whole process has been amazing! Not only for the American Cancer Society and this fight against breast cancer, but amazing to me! I am touched by the outpouring of love and support! I do realize it wasn't done for me, personally... it was ultimately done to help raise money and awareness! But it did happen to support a crazy idea and I am thankful! Please tell everyone how much I appreciate all they did!

I can't wait until next year. And, I promise, I will call on the help of THE Queen and the entire Queendom. We'll have bras strung all the way to Texas and back next year!

Thank you from the bottom of my overwhelmed heart!

Much love to you!"


Isn’t that a beautiful letter? Thanks, Jan, for letting me share it with the Queendom!

Here’s something I did not realize about the Bra project: All of the bras that were new or in good condition are going to Mountain of Faith Women's Restoration Shelter in Vicksburg. So not only did we raise $$ with them, but they will go to “support” women who have been forced to leave home, very often in the middle of the night, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Knowing that just makes it even better, doesn't it?

Here are some of the photos that The Cutest Boy in the World took (Open Bras Across The Mississippi--there are 20 pages) and here is the link to Jan’s photos from the radio station and from the bridge. To read a piece about the event in the Vicksburg Press click here.

Many thanks to Clear Channel Radio Stations in Jackson, American Cancer Society, Riverwalk Casino (brand new and fabulous in V’burg!), Repeat Street in Jackson and all the fabulous women from CURVES in Brandon—for letting us join y’all in this really cool project! For a news viedo of the event, click HERE.

And, of course, thanks to GEORGE EWING for creating the fabulous SPQ bras.  Y’all—there’s a story behind the GREAT BIG GIANT ONE:

I was on my way to a funeral on the Saturday before the Big Bra Bash so I did what I always do:  I called George! And told him to go find us a big giant bra. Off he went to the Mall, calling to report in from time to time on what was available. Nothing seemed qui-i-i-te BIG enough. So I called our wonderful lingerie shop SAL-LIZ and just said, “What’s the biggest bra you’ve got in stock?”  “52-J” was the answer. I said I’d take it and asked how late they were open; to which, they replied, “We’re closing in TEN MINUTES.”

George was miles away at the Mall, so I said ok, fine, here’s my credit card number. I need you to charge it to me and then, if you don’t mind, would you put it in a bag and just drop it at Primos Restaurant (which is right across from Sal-Liz) and I’ll send George by there to pick it up.

They said fine, no problem and did so. Then George got the dubious pleasure of walking in to the take-out section of Primos, asking for Mia and then asking her for the big giant bra with his name on it. BWAHAHAHA! And, of COURSE, he just HAD to take it out of the bag in the middle of the restaurant! Whatever would we do without our George?? We don’t even want to think about it!


Which I’m sure would be a welcome addition to your Queenly Wardrobe! They are being offered on EBay with proceeds going to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY in their fight against breast cancer or to A.R.F. (Queen Pippa’s animal rescue fund) for the ARF Bra. CLICK HERE—it will take you to Jan Michael’s webpage, then just click on the photo of the bra you want; so, let the bidding begin!

IT’S SANTA TIME IN THE SPQ STORE—Click Here! There are FIVE QUEENLY GIFT SETS to suit any price range—but quantities are limited so order ‘em quick for all the Queens in your life—and be sure you DON’T FORGET YOUROWNQUEENLYSELF!

Bobby Cole, author of the “The Dummy Line,” is signing books Thursday, 13 November, at Milestone Books, Vestavia Hills—just outside B’ham, Alabama—from 5-8p, with a band, wine and food! It’s also Bobby's birthday; so, give him a squeeze when you buy your book, which is also a GREAT gift for anyone who enjoys reading thrillers—just ask any of the 200 folks who bought copies from Avery Outdoors at Mistletoe Market this weekend in Jackson!

SPECIAL NOTE: Would the Queen who wrote to me about going to hear the UPPITY WOMEN'S BLUES BAND IN NAPIERVILLE, FL, at New Year's, PLEASE e-Mail me again? My iPhone ate your e-Mail and I have Queens in that area who want to meet up with you!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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