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Oct 20, 2008
Divorce Party, Gift of Life, femMentor.com, Vote

Dear Y'all,

If any of you Queens in the ORLANDO/DAYTONA BEACH/COCOA BEACH area are currently planning a DIVORCE PARTY for yourself or a friend—please contact me ASAP! There’s somebody who wants to put you on TEEVEE—now how much fun would THAT be??!! E-mail me right this second at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com and tell me all about it and I’ll pass it on to the teevee folks.  Sounds like a perfect excuse for new outfits to me!

I am headed to BEAUMONT, TEXAS this week for the Julie Rogers Gift of Life Program. I am told there is a giant billboard over yonder with my picture on it—please go pose your own queenly self in front of it and send me a photo! 

When I was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast recently, speaking at a fundraiser for the Pink Hearts Fund—they provide wigs for folks—especially kids—dealing with cancer—we had a little spontaneous live auction there at the end and I wound up selling my earrings, one of my rings, a crown, some homemade pepper jelly and MY PINK SEQUINED JACKET—OFF MY VERY BACK.  I could not believe I found myself standing in a crowded room, with no jewelry, no SLEEVES and no long jacket to cover my big ole you-know-what! (I also REALLY hated to part with that pepper jelly!) When I say “anything for the chirren,” you know I MEAN it!

My dear friend and our Executive Producer on the Sweet Potato Queens’ Sit-com Pilot for The WB, Lindy DeKoven is having the “soft launch” of a fabulous new website business, femMentor.com—it’s designed to advance women’s careers through expert mentoring via video. When it’s fully operational, the site will provide women with the opportunity to learn successful strategies and behaviors from those who’ve made it to the top of their respective professions. They’ll have discussion boards, blogs, newsletters, a job board, occupational networking, and other useful career tools. Go watch the initial videos and be sure to sign up, I have.

ONE MORE TIME:  It’s nearly time to VOTE. I would not presume to tell you how I think you ought to vote—it’s nobody’s business how you vote. It’s EVERYBODY’S business that you DO VOTE. I think we should bring back the POLL TAX—and apply it vigorously to anybody who DOES NOT VOTE.  We could use the money to pay to better care for our Veterans and also to pay history teachers—to teach our children what happens to people in countries where they CAN NOT VOTE.

When you stand in that voting booth—you are standing on the shoulders of many—and the graves of many more—it is Sacred Ground—Be Grateful!

And as always continue Being Particular—jillconnerbrowneTHEsweetpotatoqueen

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