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Sep 16, 2008
Calendars, Books & Voting

Dear Y'all:

Lots happening all over the Queendom! But first, our prayers are with everybody dealing with the aftermath of Gustav and Ike—and of course, we never forget that Katrina is STILL causing misery, some three years later.

Wonders have not ceased and apparently there’s been a cold snap in Hell—both evidenced by the fact that I AM NOW ON FACEBOOK. Barely—but I’m on there. It took me three days to do it—but I did it! Have no idea what all I’m supposed to DO on there—somebody needs to explain flair, dollar store junk, pokes, and well, pretty much everything else beyond “post here.” So come Be My Friend—and also come join the “Lovers of the Sweet Potato Queens” group that I didn’t start myself—having no idea how to do that—but I have joined it—so come play!

Now, that was a major undertaking for me and most stressful—you know how I hate new things—so don’t be nagging me to join other things like this for at least 2 years. I’m on FACEBOOK, come see me there—I’m not joining anything else until I recover from the stress of this one.

has been extended through the end of September—get your holiday shopping done now!
(Click here to take you there.)

If your book club is doing any of my books—let me know and I’ll call y’all! Just e-mail me at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com and we’ll make a plan. Of course, as always, y’all can ask me ANYTHING because, as you know, I do know EVERYTHING!


The 4th Annual SPQ™ Ball—sponsored by the fabulous DOUBLE D QUEENS in Dixon, Illinois—will be Saturday, September 27. They are raising money for Early Breast Cancer Detection and the Well Woman Program in their area and they are having Big Fun doing it. Help ‘em out with the fund-raising AND the FUN—FAT ELVIS is playing, there’ll be tons of food, cocktails, prizes and dancing. It’s also such a great way to connect with all the other Queens in your area—for future fun purposes!  For more info—e-mail me or Queen Laura at lsantos4insurance@att.net or Queen Beej at willowmare88@yahoo.com

Looking for a swell getaway with your fellow Queens—check out the All Aboard Inn, Georgetown, Colorado. It is too darlin’ for words—and it’s a swell location any time of the year. The cousin of The Cutest Boy in the World, Queen Susan recently bought it—so be SURE and tell her you’re a Queen when you book it!

Our good friend and genius ROBYN SPIZMAN has published yet another incredible book—I swear, she does more in a day than I even aspire to do in a year—or two.  You already know about her whole series of books to help aspiring writers (go to her link on my FRIENDS PAGE) and now, along with Rick Frishman, she’s written Where's Your Wow? – a guide to developing what makes YOU unique.  Check it out!

O-fficial SPQ™ SONGSTRESS, KACEY JONES will be appearing in ALABAMA starting tomorrow. If there’s a more fun way to spend an evening with your Queens than carrying-on with Kacey, I don’t know what it could be—Sean Connery doesn’t make club appearances as far as I know. Take all your Queens and go see her and give her a big squeeze from me!

•    Wednesday, 17 Sept. — Tuscaloosa — Little Willie's (7:30-10p; 205-366-0913)
•    Friday, 19 Sept. — Livingston — Sucarnochee Revue Radio Show (7p)
•    Saturday, 20 September — Jacksonville — Pelhams Bar (Fundraiser for the North Central, AL affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the CURE brought to you by the Funkalicious Alabama Kudzu Queens! (6-8:30p; Info: 256-452-8153; Venue: 256-435-7455)

I’m hitting the road here directly myownself and you know, when I am off in Foreign Fields (anywhere on earth besides my back porch)—it just helps me so much to look out in the audience and see lots of rhinestones, feathers and sequins—so I’m counting on y’all to come out and help me show the folks in your town what Queening is all about!

Here’s my calendar—so mark yours accordingly!

•    Saturday, 27 September — Tulsa, OK — Oklahoma Center for Poets and Writers
•    Sunday, 28 September — Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Book Festival
•    Thursday, 16 October — Houston, TX — Texas Conference for Women
•    Thursday, 23 October — Beaumont, TX — Julie Rogers  “Gift of Life” Program

Met the two fabulous women who started TRAVELGIRL magazine last week. Of course, I told them they HAVE to come to the PARADE! The magazine is excellent—click here go see for yourself

In case you have somehow managed to avoid hearing it—THERE’S A PRETTY BIG ELECTION COMING UP!  I would never presume to tell you how to vote—that’s none of my business—but VOTING IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS and I do not at all mind telling you that TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED for you to have the PRIVILEGE of getting off you’re a** and going into a private voting booth and you do NOT have the right, in my opinion, to NOT do it.  Queens, check out the film Iron-Jawed Angels and see what our grandmothers endured to give US the right to vote and SHAME ON YOU if you don’t exercise this hard-won right.

The election is in November—it’s liable to be crummy weather—SUCK IT UP.  Everybody’s got a job and a million other things to do—MAKE THE TIME. There are NO EXCUSES. I think we should bring back the POLL TAX—and apply it to everybody who DOES NOT VOTE—then use the $$ to pay for history teachers so our children can learn what happens to people in countries where they can’t vote.

Thus ends the rantContinue Being Particular—

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