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Oct 11, 2007
Book Tour, "N2TW" & "RATM"

Dear Y'all,

Go right this second to my calendar and look at all the JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2008 BOOK TOUR dates and mark YOUR calendars so I don’t miss seeing you when I come to your town for the new book, THE SWEET POTATO QUEENS' GUIDE TO RAISING CHILDREN FOR FUN AND PROFIT.  The first half of the tour we will be in the BIG A** BUS again which means that I DO have refrigeration appliances with me making it possible to safely store, say, large quantities of devilled eggs and such.  Just so you know…

The Cutest Boy in the World will be driving Miss Queenie once more and of course, our 3-legged dog, Sostie, will be on board and she’s got company now.  Her nearly-twin brother showed up half-dead on our doorstep back in May and he decided he was HOME.  We agreed.  His name is B.D. (for Boy Dog.  Not very imaginative, I know, but we didn’t realize at first that he was destined to be our very own dog and it just stuck, so fine—he seems happy enough with it.)  We are not planning on bringing the 3 cats having found through painful experience that Cats Are Not Particularly Portable.

ALL QUEENLY FRIENDS OF KACEY JONES IN THE DALLAS AREA TAKE NOTE!  Kacey, O-fficial Songstress to the Sweet Potato Queens, will be in your backyard this very weekend, singing her heart out at the McKinney (Tx.) Performing Arts Center in the fabulous show, N*PPLES TO THE WIND.  (The * is becasue Spam filters have been blocking my attempts to tell y'all about this show.) They’ve been touring the country and it never fails to make ‘em happy to look out and see Queens in the audience—so yes, wear your tiaras!

Our new all-time favorite movie RANDY AND THE MOB is coming to JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI—well, actually Madison—to the MALCO GRANDVIEW on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9.  Ray McKinnon (“Randy”) will for sure be here for it and he’s working on the rest of the “Mob” to join him—will keep you posted on that.  Make plans to join us for the Opening Night and a chance to meet ‘em and ask questions—they are purely Good Folks. For a theater near you, check HERE, if you can't join us in Jackson.

It’s nearly HALLOWEEN!  No, we do NOT sell green sequin SPQ outfits with the big bosoms and even-bigger butts and no, I do NOT have any earthly idea where you might purchase such a thing since I invented in myownself and had ours made special—HOWEVER, we do have a SPECIAL PRICE on our signature RED WIG and SPQ SHADES COMBO to help you perfect your look—should you be desirous of impersonating us for your Halloween festivities!  I try to help out anyway I can—live to serve and all that.

TWO BOOKS I got recently that I REEEALLY LOVE and wanna recommend to you—for your own pleasure, first and foremost—but also for any gift-giving needs you may have.  The first one is an hysterical novel called DEVILS IN THE SUGAR SHOP (Unbridled Books, 2007) by the very darling Timothy Schaffert and also SWEETY PIES (Taunton Press, 2007)—which is THE most astounding book of gorgeous pies (along with fabulous stories) I have ever seen—by the warmly and deliciously wise Patty Pinner.  Treat yourself to these two books—you’ll thank me!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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