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Jan 23, 2008
'08 Tour & Parade and "The Dummy Line"

Dear Y'all,

Lordymercy—they are running us into the GROUND on this here Big A** Bus Book Tour! LAST year, we had time to do important things like answer e-mails and post hilarious stuff on the website. THIS year, we are LUCKY if there is time for the REEEALLY important stuff, like eating and bathing! I am sooo sorry to be so very far behind on replying to y’all’s e-mails—you know, EVENTUALLY I WILL get it done—but there is really no hope in sight for the next few weeks.

I have got MANY hysterical On-the-Road Tales for y’all—and I’ll post ‘em as soon as I can—but again—breakfast and bathing DOES take precedence! I’m sure you can empathize.

Kisses and hugs to all for the fabulous SUCK-UP GIFTS and HUGE ASSORTMENT OF EDIBLE DEE-LIGHTS! What I cannot eat on the spot, I am cramming into the Big A** Bus’ freezer for if and when we EVER get home. The Puppies have been most appreciative of their treats as well. Of course, everything edible is consumed in an instant and all toys are promptly shredded with total dog-joy!

The Cutest Boy in the World HAS managed to post some of the TOUR PHOTOS in the Gallery. (Remember all you Computer Igmos: Wherever there is something on here that is in a DIFFERENT COLOR, you can put your little arrow thing (commonly called a “cursor”) on it, then click your mouse—and VOY-OLA—it will take you to that info—it’s a MIRACLE is all it is!)

MALCOLM WHITE, Supreme Ruler of Mal’s St. Paddy’s Parade, HAS DECREED THE 2008 PARADE THEME. It seems that in the days preceding the Parade, there will be the Mississippi Blues Marathon—which is 26.2 miles long, as are all marathons. This is the 26th (or so) PARADE, so it is being called the “MAL-A-THON.” Get it? Mar-a-thon/Mal-a-thon? Ok, so there’s the THEME—run with it (haha) or not. All that matters is that you PARTICIPATE! Remember—it IS a benefit for the BLAIR E. BATSON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL—so come out and have fun for the sake of the Chirren!

The Hilton-Jackson, O-fficial Host Hotel, DOES HAVE ROOMS. They have had some cancellations and you may avail yourself of them ONLY BY GOING TO THE LINK ON OUR FRIENDS PAGE OR CLICKING HERE. If you call Hilton for reservations, you will be routed to the national reservations office that will say, “NO VACANCY,” on account of WE HAVE THE WHOLE HO-TEL BLOCKED.  So to GET A HILTON-JACKSON ROOM, CLICK HERE!! If you have recently tried this and failed to get a room—TRY AGAIN—there was a slight GLITCH in the system—YIKES! Should work now!

If you dawdle and don’t get a HILTON room, try their sister hotel, the Homewood Suites (Ridgeland, MS), across the street from the Hilton is the Cabot Lodge on County Line Road (Ridgeland, MS) or the Marriott Courtyard Suites on Ridgewood (Jackson, MS) is right behind the HILTON—you don’t have to cross a major street to stagger home. (The Hilton does run a van between the surrounding hotels and the Hilton but it’s not on a set schedule; so, be safe and stay at the O-FFICIAL HOST HOTEL.)

We are adding a number of events this year that will make you very happy, I believe!  Thanks to our new best friends at SOUTHERN BEVERAGE—those cute guys who bring us MICHELOB ULTRA, and plenty of it—there will be all manner of new Queenly Wonders! Just a couple of For Instances:

        On Friday afternoon, we will be running busses from the Hilton to THE EVERYDAY GOURMET for THE MARGARITA PARTY—and back, of course—in time for the SPQ™ BALL at HAL & MAL’S!

        On Saturday, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE MILLION QUEEN MARCH™, THE FIRST ANNUAL SPQ™ BIG A** BARBECUE at the Hilton—with LIVE MUSIC so that we may dance with Wild Abandon and anybody else who’s handy.
        On Saturday, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE MILLION QUEEN MARCH™, We will be bringing THE SWEET POTATO QUEENS® FLOAT to the Hilton so that you can climb all over it to your Heart’s Content and have your photos taken upon MY VERY OWN THRONE!!

        We will be having a CEREMONY to HONOR ALL BOSS QUEENS—featuring one of the World’s Largest Conga Lines—so that FINALLY, I will be able to SEE all of YOUR FABULOUS OUTFITS!! I cannot WAIT for this!

PATTY PECK HONDA—total Queen of ALL Automobile Dealers!—is sponsoring the BIG A** CROWN this year—and as always, 100% of the raffle proceeds go directly to BLAIR E. BATSON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL!  YAAAAYYY PATTY PECK!!  Go buy a Honda from her while you’re in town!

Saturday night, of course, is PEARLS & PJ’s™ at the HILTON and….in our unceasing efforts to please ALL OF YOU, ALL THE TIME—there will be both LIVE MUSIC and KARAOKE for PEARLS & PJ’s™! 

THE EARTH ANGELS will be back during the weekend!  And we have a few other Surprises for y’all as well—both Musical and Otherwise so stay tuned….

Of course, our very own KACEY JONES will be performing throughout the entire weekend—and THE BACON SALT BOYS will be in attendance. I don’t think they can sing but they are VERY CUTE and they did invent BACON SALT so we do loooove them so!


Neither The WEEKEND PASSES nor Sunday’s BATHROBE BRUCH are available yet—so do not panic—nobody’s got ‘em—you are not missing out on anything. They will be in the store before the second week in February and the MOMENT they are available, I will send you a newsletter to let you know—SO RELAX and work on your outfits!

A FULL SCHEDULE will also be sent out at that time. BUT HERE’S THE GIST OF IT:

Thursday, March 13:  We will have THIRSTY THURSDAY at the HILTON (Surprise Details to follow!)

Friday, March 14—the BIG HAT LUNCHEON at BRAVO! ITALIAN RESTAURANT (more Surprise Details to follow!), the MARGARITA PARTY at THE EVERYDAY GOURMET (From the Hilton, your Weekend Pass will give you access to the BUSES which will take you there and back), the SPQ™ BALL at HAL & MAL’S (your Weekend Pass will get you on the bus, as well as into the BALL)—followed by THE AFTERGLOW at the HILTON (with your Weekend Pass, of course)

Saturday, MARCH 15—Surprise that morning for HILTON GUESTS—Weekend Pass Holders will board buses to HAL & MAL’S for the PARADE which BEGINS AT NOON!  Your Weekend Pass lets you MARCH in the Parade—AND it makes a donation to BLAIR E. BATSON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL! 

Immediately following the PARADE—the buses will be waiting to take you back to the HILTON for the FREE FOOD AND DAINCIN’, CLIMBING ON THE FLOAT AND TAKING YOUR PHOTOS ON MY VERY OWN THRONE and the BOSS QUEEN/ALL CHAPTER BIG A** CONGA LINE AND OUTFIT VIEWING. Rest up for a minute and get ready for PEARLS & PJ’S—at the HILTON, with LIVE MUSIC AND KARAOKE—not in the same room, of course!

Sunday morning, March 16—THE BATHROBE BRUNCH at the HILTON—Pig Candy, Sweet Potato Biscuits, and Brenda’s Shrimp and Grits!  (And a Surprise!)

This is JUST THE BASIC SCHEDULE—please READ IT BEFORE YOU E-MAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS THAT ARE PROBABLY ANSWERED IN IT!!  I am WAAAY behind in e-mails and you will be waiting for an answer that is either in here or coming soon!  ALL DETAILS will follow as soon as we have them.

Weekend Passes WILL INCLUDE: bus rides all weekend to all SPQ-sponsored events, SPQ BALL, AFTERGLOW, PARADE/DONATION TO BLAIR BATSON, BIG A** BARBECUE at the HILTON, PEARLS & PJ’S. 

Tickets for the BIG HAT LUNCHEON at BRAVO! ITALIAN RESTAURANT will be sold separately—and ONLY through BRAVO! directly—details to follow.

Tickets for the STREET DANCE at HAL & MAL’S following the Parade will be sold at the GATE.

Tickets for the BATHROBE BRUNCH on Sunday at the HILTON will be sold separately, only through the SPQ store—but NOT YET.

Not only is The Cutest Boy in The World my Husband, Business Manager, and Bus Driver, he’s added another hat—that of Publisher for Context Publishing Company. He’s re-entering the Publishing World—that’s what he was doing when we met—and his newest author, Bobby Cole, has a fantastic, suspenseful thriller, “The Dummy Line,” coming out next month—you can get it anywhere. It was REEEAL scary the first 500 times that I read it but now I’m kinda over it. Anyway, this Saturday at 4 PM Central on the Outdoor Channel, The Journal of The American Trophy Hunters is doing an entire show on Bobby’s daughter, Jessi, and “The Dummy Line.” Click here to learn more about Bobby Cole.

Okay, Back on the Road we go—come see us!!!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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