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Feb 15, 2008
"iVillage," "Early Show," Parade Info and "The Dummy Line."

WE ARE HOME AT LOOOONG LAST!  It was great to meet so many of you out yonder and I can’t wait to see you again HERE at the PARADE in just a few short weeks!  I’m sorry I didn’t get to post the Daily Updates From The Road this time—if you looked at our schedule, you know why—lordamercy, it was brutal—I’ve got great stories for you though and I’ll post ‘em directly. First, I got a float to build—and thank heaven, my Precious Darlin’ George has already gotten a head start on that!

Click here to watch me on NBC's iVillage back on 15 January 2008!

The Cutest Boy in the World will be posting more Tour Photos to the Gallery in the next few days—just keep checking back—eventually they’ll all be on there; he’s having some computer issues that he’s trying like mad to sort out.

To All of Y’all Who Brought Edible Offerings to the Signings—God love you—you saved our lives!  Trust me—we ate it all and were soooo happy to have it.  Kept us going on the days and nights where there was literally NO time to stop for food!  The puppies got more than an occasional nibble and they thank you as well!

The Dummy Line is in our store now—it’s a page-turner of a thriller for anybody—but especially for the Hunters Amongst Us. Watch for The Cutest Boy in the World and The Author, Bobby Cole, to be holding book signings at Independent Booksellers, the Bass Pro Shops, and the Cabela’s stores near you!  And no, I will NOT be driving them on their book tour—bwahahahaha!

THE WEEKEND PASSES ARE AVAILABLE IN THE STORE NOW—and as you will soon see, they are significantly less this year than before—thanks to our beloved sponsors—SOUTHERN BEVERAGE COMPANY and PATTY PECK HONDA! Drink Michelob Ultra and buy you a Honda—just to say thanks!


•    Unlimited bus rides from the Hilton-Jackson (the O-fficial Host Hotel. Click here for roomsit's the ONLY way to get 'em!) to all SPQ™ off-site events—and back, of course!  (The buses run often and they run late between Hal & Mal’s and the Hilton; so, buy a Weekend Pass so you don’t have to worry about drinkin’ &/or drivin’ or trying in vain to find a parking spot.)

•    On Friday—Ride the bus to/from Bravo! for the SPQ™ Big Hat Luncheon.

•    On Friday—Ride the bus to/from The Everyday Gourmet for the FREE Margarita-Wine-and-Cheese Party! Thank you, Fat Mama's and Barefoot Wines!

•    On Friday—Admission to the SPQ™ BALL—featuring These Days and Jewel Bass and between sets, our very own Kacey Jones—followed by admission to the Afterglow at the Hilton! Be sure to buy lots of raffle tickets at the Ball for your chance to win one of my Special-Made Big Ass Crowns—donated this year by Patty Peck Honda. As always, all proceeds go directly to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital—the only hospital in Mississippi where any child can be treated regardless of ability to pay.

•    On Saturday—admission into The Million Queen March™—the Pass allows you to march in the Parade—right behind our float—with thousands of fabulous, like-minded, women…and quite a few Spud Studs…from around the World!

•    On Saturday (IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING The Million Queen March™)—board the buses back to the Hilton for admission to the 1st Annual SPQ™ Free Big-Ass Barbecue & Salute to all Boss Queens and the World’s Most Beautiful Conga Line (spotlighting Y’ALL in your costumes!) Photo Ops on the ACTUAL SPQ™ Float. Music by The Earth Angels—courtesy of Southern Beverage Company and Michelob Ultra. FREE burgers and stuff provided by the Hilton!

•    Saturday Night—at the Hilton—admission to Pearls & PJs™—featuring The Bouffants from Memphis and our very own Kacey Jones, as well as Karaoke—in another room, of course!

•    Saturday Night—at the Hilton—admission to watch Something-To-Do-With-Jell-O (maybe Wrasslin’ For The Chirren). For a nominal fee you may have your photo taken with me or The Cutest Boy in the World and Something-To-Do-With-Jell-O—proceeds to benefit Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital!! If you want to actually wrassle with The Cutest Boy in the World—you gotta know it’s gonna cost extra but it’s all for the Chirren so pony up!  Bwahahahaha!  REALLY!

•    The Weekend Pass includes a donation to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital!


•    The SPQ™ Big Hat Luncheon at Bravo! Italian Restaurant—these are available now and ONLY from Bravo! Call them at 601-982-8111.

•    The Street Dance at Hal & Mal’s—available at the gate after the Parade.

•    The SPQ™ Bathrobe Brunch at the Hilton on SUNDAY MORNING. These are available in our store now and will include FREE CHAMPAGNE from our friends at Barefoot Wines!! This event sells out quickly so order ASAP.

NO PASSES OR BRUNCH TICKETS WILL BE MAILED—this is not new!  You pick them up when you arrive, same as always, in the SPQ™ STORE at the Hilton or at Hal & Mal’s!   

HERE ARE THE STORE TIMES:  Shipping Tammy will open the SPQ™ STORE at the Hilton beginning at 10 A.M. on Thursday, March 13, and stay open until they get tired.  The Store will be open at the Hilton on Friday from 9 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. and then at Hal & Mal’s from 5:30 P.M. until 10 P.M. It will open again at the Hilton on Saturday morning at 9 A.M. and stay open until they close it. The Store will open around 8:00 A.M. Sunday. The SPQ™ STORE will NOT be open at Hal & Mal’s during the Parade!

We have added new events this year and we will be advertising locally—so YOU NEED TO ORDER YOUR PASSES EARLY!!!!  Don’t count on buying them once you arrive—we hate to disappoint Queens!!!!  This is especially important regarding the SPQ™ Ball on Friday night—because at-the-door tickets are sold for this event and a sell-out is pretty much a given.


To get into the HILTON from Friday until Sunday morning—YOU MUST HAVE EITHER A HILTON ROOM KEY OR A WEEKEND PASS TO ENTER THE HILTON during these times.  This is for Queenly Protection—in order to keep out the Riff as well as the Raff as much as possible.

EVENT SCHEDULE (click here for another window with the Event Schedule):  PLEASE read this!

•    Thirsty Thursday—pretty much all day and into the night in the bar at the Hilton—drink specials—especially Michelob Ultra and other Fine Anheuser-Busch Products and overall Queenly Treatment!
•    Margarita-Wine-and-Cheese Party at The Everyday Gourmet—FREE Fat Mama’s Knock You Naked Margarita’s and FREE Barefoot Wines Champagne—on Friday—2’ish til 6’ish.
•    SPQ™ Ball—Friday night at Hal & Mal’s—7’ish to 11’ish.
•    AfterGlow—Friday night at the Hilton—after the Ball for who knows how long!
•    PARADE ROLLS AT NOON!—Grab your complimentary coffee and bag-breakfast from the Hilton and ride the buses from the Hilton to the lineup area beginning at 8 a.m. Get on the buses at the Hilton EARLY if you don’t want to miss EVERYTHING! Traffic sucks close to Parade Time.
•    AT THE END OF THE PARADE ROUTE—board the buses back to the Hilton for the FREE BIG ASS BARBECUE & BOSS QUEEN SALUTE and the COSTUME CONGA LINE and daince to the Earth Angels—2’ish til 5’ish.
•    Pearls and PJ’s™ and Something-To-Do-With-Jell-O—at the Hilton—Saturday night—7’ish til 12’ish.
•    Bathrobe Brunch—at the Hilton—Sunday morning—9 til 11—FREE CHAMPAGNE FROM BAREFOOT WINES!  And of course, Pig Candy, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Brenda’s Shrimp and Grits!

ATTIRE:  YOU’LL HAVE MORE FUN IF YOU DRESS UP—so get all the sequins, feathers and rhinestones you can put your hands on—then add 20% and you’ll be fine.

•    Big Hats for the Big Hat Luncheon, of course.
•    At the Ball, you will see everything from full costumes to jeans—suit yourself!
•    At the Parade—be as outrageous as possible—but not naked or even nearly so!  Think Sparkles—not Skin!
•    Stay in Costume for the Big Ass Barbecue—we’ll do the Beautiful Conga Line so I can SEE ALL YOUR COSTUMES!
•    Pearls & PJ’s—yes, we really do all wear jammies and fancy joory.
•    Bathrobe Brunch—we really do all wear our bathrobes and you will be happy about that when the time comes!

PARADE VIRGINS—Everybody is here for the Same Queenly Reason so you can pretty much ask anybody anything and they will be more than happy to help you.

TWO THINGS YOU MUST DO WHILE IN JACKSON and I will be questioning you on Sunday morning about this: (1) YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD TIME, and (2) YOU MUST MAKE AT LEAST ONE NEW FRIEND!

OK—MAKE THAT THREE THINGS—you absolutely, positively, MUST HAVE COMFY SHOES for all the events!  Trust me on this.  I KNOW you look fetching in 4 inch heels—who doesn’t?—but there are no wheelbarrows coming by to tote you around when your feet give out; so, suck it up and shoe yourself for the long-haul!

That’s all for now—be sure you READ all this BEFORE you e-mail or call me with questions that are answered in here—oooooh, that makes me sooooo crabby!

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