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Jan 14, 2007
Maw & Paw America

We are just rattlin’ down the road, day after day, meeting new Queens and reuniting with “family” Queens and it’s just pretty swell! 

Coming out of the Cracker Barrel in Burlington, NC, we met Verlon who was on his cell with his Queen Beverley—swearing to her that he was STARING directly AT the Big Ass Bus.  I gave him a ‘LICK YOU ALL OVER” card and got on the horn with Beverley—who was not at all convinced that I WAS really and truly THE Queen—but they came in to the Regulator Bookstore for the signing and she was made a Believer.

We have been in so many Cracker Barrels and Wal-Mart parking lots, I told Kyle we were just turnin’ into MAW AND PAW AMERICA!  Cracker Barrel breakfast is reliably comforting and that means a lot these days!

We did have some absolutely amazing food in Asheville at Tupelo Honey’s.  They have this fantastic smoky, spicy tomatoey salad dressing—and they gave me a bunch of it for the road, bless their hearts.  They said they’re coming out with a cookbook soon and they’ll let me know so I can get one—and I’ll let y’all know so y’all can get one, too.  It’ll be worth the price of the book for this one recipe alone!

Did not get to see BobDaddy at Malaprops in Asheville but did see all his Queens—AND got THE most fabulous hot artichoke dip and FRITOS on which we are still feasting.  Did NOT get the recipe, however and I am wanting it BAD so hopefully, it will be coming to me soon?

(Do we detect a recurring FOOD theme, here?)

So tickled to meet the Queen at Malaprops who, after reading my books, found the courage and determination to leave her worthless scumbag husband for good—and is now preparing to marry her own Cutest Boy in the World in a couple weeks.  YAY!!

An amazing chocolate pie came my way in Richmond, I am happy to report.  Ok, Kyle does not eat sweets—at ALL—and Sostie is on a diet so she doesn’t get too fat to get around on the 3 legs she’s got left and so, let’s see, who does that leave to consume all this largesse??  ME!  I’m gonna be too fat to get around on my TWO legs before this is over.  But at least my disposition will be sunny!

Got a big Queenly hug in Richmond from the Queen who first found my books when her child was headed in to a 12-hour surgery.  Y’all cannot know what it means to me to hear your stories.

Last night, we actually stopped at a gen-u-wine RV park—now we really ARE Maw and Paw America!  It’s pretty great here—we hooked up to their water and took 45-minute showers!  I cooked REAL supper—mini-meatloaves, rice and gravy and salad with the fabulous Tupelo Honey’s dressing.  (And chocolate pie and LEMON POUND CAKE—had I even told y’all about that thing? whoo lard—it’s a taste miracle—had to give some of it to Annie Laurie who came for a visit but not TOO much, of course—just enough to stop her whining.)

We are off to Pittsburgh directly—home of That Man—Remember him?  The one Who Was Not Interested in Pursuing a Relationship WITH ME?  BWAHAHAHAHA!  We are great friends and will probably park the Big Ass Bus at HIS house tonight and abuse him and his hospitality.

More later—Kyle is VACUUMING all around me and it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY!  Where did he even GET a vacuum?? I can assure you I did NOT pack it!

Remain Particular--xxoojill

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