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Jan 11, 2007
From Durham, NC, before the signing

Hello, m’darlin’s!

We are absolutely having a BALL out here on the road in the Big Ass Bus!   Y’all have been keeping me so well-fed—cookies, ho-made minner cheese, wine and I don’t know WHAT all!  Got to meet KimmyDarling’s Daddy—they have the same beautimous eyes and Viney brung me the ho-made minner cheese and she did NOT forget the WHITE BREAD!

Sostie continues to bask in the CONSTANT attention—not only from the two of us (she alternates head-butting each of us to get herself petted non-stop) but also from the Queens and the bookstore folks!  She really had fun in PARK ROAD BOOKS in Charlotte—they let her have the run of the store and gave her cookies.

Kyle and I are having a contest to see Which One of Us Can Whack Our Heads THE MOST Times on the TeeVee in the Front Window.  If our heads look a little more lop-sided than usual—that’s why.  He’s the Current Leader, by the way.  He does it EVEN AS I AM SAYING TO HIM, “WATCH YOUR HEAD!”

If Sam Walton rises from the dead, I will be greeting him with a cheerful Delivery on the Promise!  NEVER have I been SUCH A FAN of WAL-MART’s as on this trip.  Lemme tell you, when you’re riding around at midnight,in a Big Ass Bus-- in the bowels of a strange town and all you’ve seen in the last hour and a half is crackheads in abandoned parking lots—and you top a hill and see that big ole red, white and blue sign—whoo, lard—your heart just plumb skips a beat is all.  You can pull right up to the outskirts of Mr. Walton’s parking lots and crank out the sides and hop in the bed! 

We spent a FABULOUS day at Stone Mountain, Ga.  I discovered at about 3:30 p.m. that I was sitting two floors above a SPA!  Went TEARING down there and got a massage IMMEDIATELY—and then I got to use their big giant rain shower!  I stood under that boiling water for a good 45 minutes—woulda paid the $100 JUST FOR THE SHOWER!  The absolute rapture of unlimited torrents of scalding hot water CANNOT be over-stated.

TODAY, in Durham, at a precious little shop called STUDIO—just a few doors down from REGULATOR BOOKS, where my signing is tonight—I met a new friend—Pete—and found this HYSTERICAL table.  It’s old—somebody’s Daddy made it with his very own shop equipment—out of PLYWOOD AND BOWLING PINS.  It is JUST lovely, I assure you and it will grace the Divorce Porch back at Coochie Sprangs—if we EVER get back there!

Hope y’all are checking out the photos in the gallery—we’re trying to post ‘em from each signing—y’all are looking prêt-ty cute! 

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