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Jan 7, 2007
2nd Installment from The Road

WHOOO LARD!  If we survived that first night, we oughta be pretty much bulletproof for the rest of the tour!  I am so proud to say, that, so far at least, there has been NO BLOODSHED—either on the bus or off!  So far, so good!

The booksigning in MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, at CAPITOL BOOK & NEWS was Big Fun.  I had a chance to have an actual Visit with a high school friend with a Surprising Revelation.  First, she asked if I remembered “P” and I said, oh, yes, we’re still in touch—at which her look did mysteriously harden ever-so-slightly.  She confessed that, way back then, she’d a Major Crush on him and no sooner had she put out the word through the grapevine (so it could get back to him—you remember the drill, I’m sure!) than in I walked, arm and arm with him and she abandoned all hope and a life-long “grudge” was born!

I looked at her, aghast, and said, “Hunny, don’t you remember?  I was going with “P’s” best friend, “B!”  “P” and I were ONLY buds—ever!”  (I also added that she might further recall that I was, shall we say, Somewhat Less Than Attractive and HARDLY a guy-stealing vamp!)  She lit up like Times Square—even though 35 years have passed and both she and “P” are happily married to other folks—it just seemed to perk her up no end that I had not, in fact, stolen him away from her and all is forgiven!  HOORAY! 

Had some unbelievable brownies from LOUISA’S—if you’re in Montgomery or can get to Montgomery—trust me, they’re worth the drive!

I got to meet, in person, the former Mr. Little Peanut of Montgomery and with ANY luck at ALL, he will join us for the Million Queen March this year!  NuClia and George, look out!  Scene-stealing is a possibility!

MANY Queens turned out in BIRMINGHAM at the BROOKWOOD VILLAGE BOOKS-A-MILLION and I came away loaded down with Suck-Up Prezzies!  Photo Queen got MANY shots of all of us—including a few in front of the Big Ass Bus (despite the short and surly security guard’s best efforts to the contrary! Kyle had wanted to whip into the Valet Parking area and toss the keys to the attendant, just to see him pass out—but alas, Deputy Dawg was on Full Alert.) As soon as we get ‘em from her, we’ll put ‘em in the Gallery.  Had ho-made muscadine jelly on our whomp biscuits this mornin’—I’ve been putting Notes to Kyle up on my new bulletin board, we’re trying to attach my pank and green “Jill” license plate to the front of the Big Ass Bus and I am woofin’ the Big Cookies with the pank M&M’s!  I’m so tickled I’m getting to play with all my purties NOW instead of having to let the bookstore ship them home as in days past!  YAY BIG ASS BUS—lotsa storage!

We spent the night in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrel in Anniston—no lack of Ro-Mance on THIS tour—dropped by the BOOKS-A-MILLION and signed SPQ stock for those Queenly folks—and NOW, we’re at a rest stop on the way to Atlanta, doing our LAUNDRY in the Big Ass Bus!  I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s the Honeymoon We Never Got to Take and it’s just Everything I Ever Dreamed It Would Be—and Then Some.  (I never pictured the exotic washer/dryer combo and the inviting chemical toilets.)


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