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Jun 4, 2013

$100,000.00 Donation!!!
Dear Y'all,
It's possible that you've already heard the "ZIPPITY YAY!" from where you are sitting--but just in case you haven't: WE RAISED $100K for the Chirren in the Batson Hospital during FONDREN'S ZIPPITY DOO DAH® WEEKEND this year!
This is, by far and away, THE most money we've ever raised for the Children's Hospital at one time and we are absolutely over-the-moon-happy about it! We actually reached that full total at the very last second-due to an impromptu (involuntary?) donation from KILTBOY, Randall Wallace.
As I drove to the presentation event, knowing that our total was $95,553--it just bugged me that we didn't have a nice ROUND number. I then thought of RANDY--as we all so often do, I'm sure--and VOYOLA! Problem solved!
As our ZDD™ Leader, Jim Wilkirson announced the amount of the check at the press conference, I interrupted and said, "No, actually, that's incorrect," and I went on to explain to the Uninitiated that the very writer of the movie Braveheart comes to ZDD™ every single year and that it is ONLY HERE IN JACKSON where he receives what he believes is his RIGHTFUL level of constant adoration and worship and based upon that, it was MY firm belief that HE OWED US SOMETHING for all that attention and love--to be eggzact: I figgered that he owed us $4,447.00--which would BRING OUR NEW TOTAL TO A LOVELY ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!
Lucky for me, Randy is nothing if not a good sport and he cheerfully coughed up the money we needed. And, he cared not a-tall that I had, unbeknownst to him, committed him to doing so! BWAHAHA!
I'm tellin' y'all, it IS SO GOOD to be THE Queen!
A million, billion THANKS to all of our sponsors and to all of Y'ALL who came and played with us and made this Big-A** donation possible. It's a rare thing in this life to be able to have THAT MUCH FUN and do such a wonderful thing for others at the same time.
Batson is the only hospital in Mississippi where any child can be treated regardless of ability to pay AND life-saving protocols are developed here which are used in every Children's Hospital throughout the USA. For example, the current methods for treating Childhood Leukemia came from Batson and I KNOW you've heard of our latest triumph, it's been trumpeted around the world: Our own Dr. Hannah Gay cured a little baby girl of AIDS!
Our wonderfully successful fundraising effort does pose a problem, however: PRESSURE TO PERFORM NEXT YEAR!!
So, it is time NOW to mark your calendars thusly, "Fondren's Zippity Doo Dah® Weekend, March 19-23, 2014" because we are gonna need a LOTTA HELP in topping 2013's total!
If y'all haven't seen this piece in the New York Times® about Jackson, and particularly the neighborhood of Fondren, home of the Zippity Doo Dah® Weekend, you gotta read it: 36 Hours in Jackson, Mississippi
 FYI: TCBITW and I will be at the Jackson Hole Writer's Conference, June 27-29--coming up quick-like; so, come on out and play with us, iffin y'all are in/around Yellowstone National Park. It's gonna be BIG FUN!
Again, THANK YOU so much for your support of Batson's Children's Hospital and of our fundraising efforts though ZDD™!!!
This is truly God's work!
Jill Conner Browne

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