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May 3, 2012
Mamas, Golf, Skylar, $$, & Thank Yew!

Dear Y'all,

Happy Almost Mother's Day! If you still have a Mama, give her an extra-special squeeze from me. If you don't still have yours, hug some other Mamas--we all need it, don't we? And do remember that this can be a sad day for those who have lost children or who were never blessed with the child of their heart. Just to cover all the bases, let's just love up on all the wonderful women in our lives and be grateful for all those who've gone on ahead!

You can win--for your Mama or yourownself--a free LOLLING KIT--consisting of a fabulous KINDLE FIRE, an O-fficial SPQ(TM) Tiara, some O-fficial SPQ(TM) Sparkly Shades, and an O-fficial SPQ(TM) Mug! This will afford the winner the opportunity to LOLL--looking royally fine--perusing her Kindle--while Someone fetches her coffee!

In case you don't win, you can always order SPQ(TM) books (signed and personalized, naturally)--along with the Mugs and other handmade SPQ(TM) Pottery--and everything else for your Mother's Day and/or Personal Queenly Needs--and we'll ship 'em right out to you, hunny! Again, I  gotta tell you--these mugs became our faves right off the bat--they hold a bucket-fulla coffee, the handle easily fits your hand, and it doesn't get hot if you have to nuke it, which is important to me on account of I like just enough coffee in the cup to turn my French Vanilla CoffeeMate a nice shade of beige; so, I hafta heat the CoffeeMate or I've got cold "coffee!"

I'm promoting FAT IS THE NEW 30--and if you missed it, you can watch me on-line! They were big fun--and very nice to me--LOVE THEM!

Be sure to keep watching after the first part ends, the second will start on it's own, after the commercial--they gotta pay the rent just like us, ya know.

When you come to Jackson for Fondren's Zippity Doo Dah® 2013 be sure to check out our local Yellow Pages! The Parade will be on the COVER!

ZDD Yellow Pages Cover

How awesome is that?! We are lovin' it SO!
(Thanks  Find It In Fondren(TM)  and Sophie & Marika) 
The dates for ZDD(TM) '13 are March 21-24 and yes, the Hilton-Jackson will have those fabulous special rates again and yes, they are currently taking reservations. 601-957-2800, ask for Billie Burns, of course.

Attention Golf Fans!

will be happening here July 16-22 
and I'm gonna be part of it--as THE Sweet Potato Queen(TM) of course, nothing to do with the actual golfing aspect! 

This is gonna be a REEEALLY FUN event and it's another great excuse for all of us to get together--so come back to Jackson this summer! I'll have more details for you shortly but make your plans to be here. Not only are we going to have a LARGE TIME, we'll be raising money for Batson Children's Hospital and the Hilton-Jackson is, naturally, the host hotel!


Skylar is from right here and we looove her! So very proud of how she's kickin' a** and having so much fun on national teevee!

I've already heard from the fantastic SPAM QUEENS that they are supporting Skylar--big kiss to all our Spamettes for that!

I'm so proud to report that for the first two years of
Fondren's Zippity Doo Dah® Weekend 
  we have raised
OVER $115,000.00 for the
Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children!

A BIG heartfelt THANK YOU all so very, very much for coming here and heppin' us hep our Chirren! How many other things do we get to do that are THIS MUCH FUN and for SUCH A GREAT CAUSE? (Hint: We're gonna make True South Classic one of 'em!)

If you haven't checked out the video of the 2012 BankPlus
Zippity Doo Dah® Parade, CLICK HERE! And just so you know, the parading part is just a fraction of what we do during the loooong weekend of FUNdraisin' for Batson Children's Hospital. 
Just in case you missed it, click on the link to see Judy Delaet of Forest, Mississippi, who won the PATTY PECK HONDA DOO DAH DAY(TM) BLUE CAR GIVEAWAY.  (Judy was out of town when we drew her name so her husband answered our call and I'm not sure he believes YET that she won it--even though he's sitting in the car with her!)

Speaking of our wonderful ZDD(TM) 2012 Sponsors, PLEASE CLICK HERE for the list and links and when possible patronize their business and tell them "THANKS" for their support of ZDD(TM). A last but certainly not least sponsor, who stepped up and save TCBITW's a** at the last moment, was Cline Tours. (They have offices is four southern states; so, if you need bus transportation, please use them!)   

Since we're already working on ZDD(TM) for next year--any thoughts, suggestions, and/or requests, drop me an e-mail at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com

Continue Being Particular-

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