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Oct 4, 2011
Today & Tomorrow


Dear Y'all,

Just two quick notes for you this morning before we hop into my speedy green roadster (a Honda Crosstour from our dear friends at Patty Peck Honda—the good folks who sponsor the ZDD™ Blue Car Giveaway for Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children during Parade Weekend) and make our way up to the mountains of Arkansas to see The Cutest Parents in the World:

The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole is finally available TODAY in both Paperback and Kindle eBook. It’s a great, edge-of-your-seat thrilling story that explores what happens when an ordinary man is pushed to extraordinary lengths to protect the one he loves most and those for whom he feels responsible. Get your copy today—you won’t regret it…except maybe for losing a night’s sleep if you start the book late in the evening. AND, while you're at it, please go “Like” Bobby on Facebook. We want him to feel the love of the Queendom. (Just FYI--this book is Very Important to Me because my very own husband, Kyle Jennings, THE Cutest Boy in the World, was the initial  PUBLISHER of it. It's a GREAT read, too, of course!)

TOMORROW NIGHT, WEDNESDAY, 5 OCTOBER—THIS WILL BE ME so come on out!!!! Dress Queenly so the common folks will know Who You Are. Tales From the South, true stories told by the Southerners who lived them at the Starving Artist Café in the Argenta Arts District of North Little Rock.

Shows are $5 admission and open to the public. The doors open at 5 p.m., live music begins at 6 p.m., show taping starts at 7 p.m. The night is a cross between a house concert and a reading/show, with incredible food and great company. “Tales from the South” is a unique, unrehearsed showcase of writers reading their own true stories. Tickets must be purchased online prior to the show, dinner purchased separately. For details, call 501-372-7976 or visit www.TalesFromTheSouth.com and find out about the show Streaming if you can't make it.

Cost:                             $5.00

Where:                         Starving Artist Café

                                    Argenta Arts District

                                    411 Main Street

                                    North Little Rock, AR  72114 View map »

For more info:             501-372-7976 or www.TalesFromTheSouth.com

Contact name:             Paula Morell

See y’all there!

Write to me anytime at hrhjill@sweetpotatoqueens.com —with funny stories, GOOD OBITUARIES, and/or Questions about Life Itsownself—I'm often wrong, but NEVER IN DOUBT!

Continue Being Particular—

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