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Please fill out as much of the form as you would like. This registration is just for fun, so queens can find other queens. We might (someday, no promises!) be sending special Sweet Potato Queen goodies to the Boss of each chapter to distribute amongst your local queens. As always, you can order your O-fficial Chapter Certificate within the SPQ Store.

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  Attention Boss Queens
Each chapter should have one boss queen – you can choose more than one, we suppose, but we're going to choose one person to mail stuff to so make sure they have a permanent address.
  Your Queenly Information
If you are a local Boss Queen you must fill out the following. If you are not a boss queen, you can fill out as much or as little as you please. (You never know what fun stuff we might send you if you do) Just make sure to give us your email address.
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*We're not going to use your info for anything other than SPQ stuff. You won't start getting a bunch of ads for credit cards and cheap cars, so don't worry. Other Queens will be able to look up your name and city on this page. Signing up to be a chapter entitles you to receive absolutely nothing.

If you want to make changes to your chapter info, email us at: info@sweetpotatoqueens.com

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